What is Vasa Concept

Vasa Concept is Indian Rajul Vasa’s developed rehabilitation format, which is particularly suitable for brain injury, stroke, cerebral palsy and spinal rehabilitation. With the Vasa Concept exercise, rehabilitators receive a large amount of motion and attitude labors and exercises to control the body mass center on the paralyzed side of the body. In addition to these, the protective reactions on the paralyzed side of the body are aroused. The Vasa Concept focuses especially on the production of automatic movements so that the rehabilitator does not have to reconsider the movement of movements, for example, to look at the next step.

Below you are excerpts from the thoughts of rehabilitators about the Vasa Concept;

“Ataxia has decreased and I can be proud of myself”

“I can walk with feet straight out, earlier my toes were pointing out”

“My fingers are more relaxed and washing face is easier”