Vasa Concept Workshop

Next Vasa Concept workshop for patients is on Göteborg, Sweden, from 19th to 21st April 2024 So register soon! It is organized by Vasa Concept Göteborg. Please read more information and register on vasaconceptgö

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In workshops, in addition to exercises and progress, it is important that patients, their families, assistants and therapists meet each other, can practice together and share their experiences. Motivation, inspiration and working together are central to the meeting. The workshops are attended by those who have made the Vasa Concept and those who try it for the first time. After settling in and getting to know each other, the help is communal.

The workshops are primarily intended for adults or near-adults who have experienced a brain injury or stroke or cerebrovascular accident, adults with cerebral palsy and people with a spinal cord injury.

It is also possible to organize the workshop in cooperation.

If you live in India or Asia we recommend you to contact Rajul Vasa Foundation

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